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This is the English olny Site of my web appearance. In this column i’ll translate some offen viewed Pages of my Blog.
Thanks to google analyst i know which parts are the most viewed or most searched. So stay close and forgive me the long translations delay.

The most visited page ist the Link-Section followed by the Gallery.
The most popular entrys are the report about how i got my Ubuntu-CDs, my opinion about YouTube and the esay about my one week long offline Time. The ranking was made by google analytics, i’ll evaluate my other online statistics to get more Information about your favorite pages.
Ok, guys i decided to translate or better say write about thease topics wich are higth rated in the Serachengine-Keywords-Section. For a better understanding; i have a list of the keywors which your putting into google or yahoo so i know for what kind of information you searched and can wirte about that. e.g On place Nr. 1 are the Keywords “synaptic für suse 10.1″ with 22,22% that means that 2/9 of my Visitors are interisted how to get or install synaptic on or for SuSE 10.1.

Topics, Posts, Pages Entrys etc. in english

  1. How to install synaptic and Smart on SuSE 10.1
  2. Change the Windows Vista Boot Menu Order
  3. Ubuntu-experience: first Steps on linux
  4. Review of Juno
  5. Sync Google Calendar to iPod (English/ German)
  6. Thoughts on iPhone Software Roadmap(English/German)
  7. mesh.com

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