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Review of Juno (English)

Junoposter2007As i first saw the poster of the Film “Juno” I thought, just another teenager-movie, but this time with a pregnancy, how innovative (just ironic).
But as i found it on the Apple-Trailer Page in the Academy-Award Section I decided to take a closer look, after watching the unusual, unteenielike Trailer I got interested in this Film. So today i finally watched it.

The hole Movie is about how 16-year-old Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) handles her pregnancy. After discovering that shes pregnant, Juno decides for an abortion, a last minute change after sawing the instances let’s her to decide to have the baby and give it for adoption. Thats where she meet the couple, Mark and Vanessa Loring (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner).
As time passes, Juno strikes up a friendship with Mark, with whom she shares tastes in music, film and pop culture. The next time was a little bit nasty for her, she stared to losing her faith. Her boyfriend and father of her unborn has asked another girl to the prom and Mark then confesses that he is leaving Vanessa, which lets her doubt didn’t got the right place for her Child.
On this point i do not what to blab more, but the Movie has an expectable End.
Juno was the 2nd Film form Jason Reisman, which I saw. The first one was Thank You for Smoking, a satire about the i tobacco industry. May be they aren’t similarities when it comes to story or even setting but they are some consensuses in film editing or directing.
Juno is in my opinion not the worst but not the best Film. I would recommend it for lone hour.

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