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English Ubuntu-experience: first Steps on linux

Sine i decided to go along with the newest Ubuntu version numbering a have to arrange my system every half year. On this post I’ll give some advises how to install the main functions of an ordinary Computer (Internet, Music, Video, Office, Network)

Step one: Internet
Ubuntu comes with an pre installed evolution. It works well so far but when it goes to more then one email-address then should thunderbird be your choice. I did well with doing so.
Installing is quite easy, as habitual from Ubuntu. just these two Packages:

  • mozilla-thunderbird
  • thunderbird-locale-de

The next App I’m always using is the all known IM Pidgin. To our all luck its pre installed so I only have to set it up, with some varieties on ICQ, MSN, JABBER etc.

Step two: Music
You may have noticed that mp3 or wave isn’t running instantly out of the box. I’m not such a big fan of searching a several codeclib for a certain codec. So why not lets Ubuntu do the work. All what you have to do is start the file via Totem and the Package manager will do the Rest.

Step three: Video
In my case it worked like with the audio files.

Step four: Office
Since i have my cellphone I’m carring all my notes, contacts and the schedule with me on it. So how get the stuff from Local to Mobile? Via Bluetooth! On 7.10 its running out of the box. But you have to install the peice of Software which is doing the syncing. Its called OpenSync and is in the pgk libopensync0, OpenSync goes along with some plug-ins, e.g. the obex mobile connecter, which i need.

Step five: Network
I guess Ubuntu was the only Linux where the network ran out of the box which i had on my machine, i had a lot^^.
but if it don’t work for some reason try to install the smbfs pgk for browsing other PCs or the Package samba for sharing on you Ubuntu.

If you need more then these 5 steps can offer you try a closer look on automatixs. This software gives you the opportunity to install a lot of stuff automatically. All you have to do is just to install the programme form the site or add the apt-get line: deb <Ubuntuversion dapper, edgy oder feisty> main .

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  1. jim sagt:

    I’ll go through you tips if the time 4 Linux on my Computer have come.

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