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Change the Windows Vista Boot Menu Order

Windows Vista Bootloader / Bootreinfolge ändern / bcdedit
Change the Windows Vista Boot Menu Order

Since the the first Beta of Vista i like to change the boot order of Windows Vista. And since every new Vista build Mircrosoft constant change the way how to do it.
The olny similarity is the little programm wich is called bcdedit. This pice of software change the Bootloaderconfiguration by using it in the commanfline.
To change the Boottime type in: bcdedit /timeout 3 ( 3 is the number of Secs)
To change the boot order type in: bcdedit.exe /displayorder {ntldr} {current} ( this command let Win Xp be on the first place of the Loader and Windows Vista on the 2nd, current means the OS in wich you’re running bcdedit and ntldr means ntbootloader )
And for Changing the default selectet entry type in: bcdedit /default {ntldr} or for Vista as your choise bcdedit /default {current}

It maybe that for editig the Stuff you must have the privileges, in this case create a new Shotcut to cmd.exe and run it as Admin.

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